Public Locker Room Pooping

What a lovely sunny day. I walk along the beach in the yacht club and admire the view of the yachts and the blue clear sky. I taunt you with my flawless round arse. I bet you want to eat my anus and take my feces in your fucking mouth, dont you? Well I light a cigarette and make you munch my pretty feet with your tongue. Then I will take you to the dressing room with me, you will look at my ass and beautiful body. You are horny, but you wont get sex with me because you are loser and you have a tinny dick. All you deserve is eat my shit and drink my pee. Well open your mouth wide and dont close it until I tell you. Im going to shit into your mouth right here in the locker room. You will see the best angle peeping at me. Chew my delicious shit and swallow it. Now youre a fucking toilet whore. You will love my poop and you will come back soon. .