Queen Sylvys Pain And Struggle

Queen Sylvy is my kind of woman!! This delicious 44 year old Mummy has figure blessed by the Brazilian Gods, especially that big gigantic Bunda of hers!! Sylvy is back to two long painful dumps. The very first clip is an early morning dump as Sylvy has her signature Coffee, Cigarrette, and Feces!! She starts with a closeup of one of her stubborn logs burrowing out of her butthole. Listen as her groans grow into grunting and tightening!! Boy the facial expressions she made in these clips!! There is nothing that makes me harder than the facial expressions of strain and struggle while a woman is taking a dump!! She saved the best for last, as she begins with another rearview of the 1st wave of poop, pushing out several heavy logs. Then She puts the camera in front again to capture her struggle. That cig and coffee really do wonders for this FUNKY lady, as the plops just keep falling over and over when you thinks shes done!! Her grunting and straining and the sound of the plop relief as she pushes I cant take it!!