Smeared In Shit Dream Of Living Toilet

I love poop, love when it comes out of my booty, the smell of it and the softness of it. Sometimes I cant stand against playing with the feces, picking it up, smearing it, liking the odor, and masturbating. At such moments, I always imagined toilet slave next to me and under me, who I feces in mouth and he slurps my crap, takes it in his mouth and guzzles. I feed him from my arse, with my mitts, its so arousing, its such pleasure when someone consumes my kaviar. Would you like to be my toilet? Eat my poo every day out of my butt and out of my forearms? Crawl at my feet and obsequiously ask me to shit in your mouth? Lick the shit off my ass and off my body? Watch my videos, watch whats waiting for you, learn to eat shit and training. And maybe youll end up under me, becoming my living toilet. 1. I want you to eat all shit, slaveI think I already want to poop. My favorite cork is back in my ass, I can feel the shit pushing against it, trying to push it out. Oh, what bliss, thick, fragrant shit is coming out, oozing out of my ass. What pleasant smell, it is so soft, fragrant, I can not resist not to pick it up. Its such bliss to feel shit in hands, on my skin, on body. My pussy and ass are covered in shit, Im so horny. What a pity that there is no toilet slave. I want him to lick all this shit off my hands, off my body. Crawl over to me, lick my dirty ass, lick the shit off my hands, eat piece by piece. Eat all this shit slave2. Enjoy warm fresh shit in the morningWhat a pleasure it is when you wake up in the morning and immediately want to shit. Languor all over the body from the pleasant pressure in the ass. I feel, a lot of shit in my ass. From this feeling goosebumps run through my body and I begin to languidly slowly squeezing out the shit. The smell of fresh shit immediately envelops me. My pussy throbs, acutely reacting to the smell of shit and the pleasant sensation of emptying. Yes, I already know that I wont be able to resist, I already know that I will take shit in hand, I know that I will smear, enjoy warm fresh shit and masturbate. Yes, it is such bliss to play with fresh, smelly shit in the morning and get juicy orgasm. The best start to the day.