Mistress Victoria Soles Feet And Coerced Feeding

Mistress Victoria arrived in Bucharest after a holiday in the mountains. Because she dont want to use the cold porcelain toilet, she quickly called her toilet slave to use him. Very first she made him slurp her boots, high-heeled slippers and clean them very well because she was going to go outside. Then she wished her feet, toes, feet, etc to be worshiped. After such a treatment and foot massage, it was time for the toilet slave reward. Goddess sat over the slaves mouth and ordered him to keep his mouth open or else it would never be used again! He blindly obeyed his Mistresss orders and remained wide-open until his mistress finished filling his mouth with her diarrhea! You will have to learn to eat everything without saying a word! An excellent movie for fans of the coerced feeding genre!