Your Karate Teacher – Toilet Slavery Roleplay

You are at school for your karate lesson some people around You are not a very good You know very well you are very timid and for that you embarked attending a martial arts gym. Then your teacher is very pretty... you like to see her booty while she trains you kicking and punching... you like to look at her feet and sometimes you feel very excited... but today... She know you looking at her and look at this big arse and she sends the lesson and put all the people at another advanced level classroom. You stay alone with her. She wants to punish you savagely... between punches and kicks you can not She will make you lick her sweaty feet... she will humiliate you... and then... she will order you to eat her big and big shit crap on the floor on the You are closed with her in the bathroom and you only can open your mouth and swallow all her big shit. A great humiliation .