Mistress Gaia – Last Chance

Today my fresh toilet slave will have to go through the final test: if he passes, next time, he will have the privilege to eventually serve me as a full toilet, that means receiving all my bounty directly in his mouth and eat them all; if he fails, he wont have a 2nd chance, I will dismiss him from my harem!!! I have tied him to the chair, so that he cannot budge, and I have tied a cord to his ballsack, just in case he needs a stimulus. I prepare his meal: a plate full of my delicious poop and a jug of my precious piss. Then I embark spoon feeding him. The first piece is not too big, just to let him get accustomed to the taste, the following ones are bigger and bigger. He is not very fast to chew and swallow and sometimes I need to pull the rope and pinch his sensitive nipples but, spoonful after spoonful, all the shit goes into his mouth and down his stomach; in between, I give him a couple of glasses to my golden nectar. At the end, I am satisfied, he still needs to improve, of course, but he passed the test. Next time, his place will be under my toilet chair, with his mouth open, ready to receive and eat all his Mistress precious gifts!!!! P. S. This clip shows a slave eating and drinking real shit and piss. Therefore, is not recommended for people who are not into this kind of stuff.