Broken Toilet 24 – Diarrhea Student

Professor Coleman calls in a law student with a problem. You see the student is arrogant and cocky towards the female Professors and Lectors training at the University and Professor Coleman wont stand for it. Hes always late for classes and he is not going to get his degree. He is pretty arrogant with her in the beginning, making chauvinist remarks and demonstrating utter disrespect. But this switches quickly as she informs him he is failing and she will notify his father he is being kicked out of her University. Derick the law student only has one choice. Either leave in shame without his law degree OR he must participate in Professor Colemans extra circulars program designed for cocky students such as himself. He has no other choice but to agree to her terms. Observe as Professor Coleman makes Derick submit, adore her sweaty feet, smell her butt through her sexy and taut little black dress and be abased in order to learn to respect his female peers. Witness as she lifts her sexy little black dress and make him munch her smelly, unwashed booty! But Dericks suffering has just begun. Observe as she makes Derick call her Principle and use him in her toilet chair. Hear her grunt in unspoiled delight as she takes a massive diarrhea poop down his throat, overflowing his mouth and entire face quickly with her soft and runny diarrhea shit. But things are about to get worse for Derick. He cant breathe as her runny shit covered everything. As Derick squirms in agony for air Professor Coleman slowly take her time by wiping her ass and telling him she wants to sit a while longer. Derick is in agony and he inhales some of her soft shit right into his nostrils. This is a huge turn-on for Professor Coleman who doesnt show him any mercy. She enjoy seeing Derick in such agony, seeing him inhaling her shit into his nasal passages and she remains seated caring only about herself and not about Dericks agony. Professor Coleman is a true sadistic female to be reckoned with and we suggest you stay on her good side. Do not say you havent been warned.