Mistress Gaia – A Tasty Pee For Two

Today, Im here, in my dungeon space with two slaves. I made then kneel down, one on each side; in the middle I put a container and two glasses. Im sure they have already understood what Im going to ask them; they both have already had the chance to taste and drink my golden nectar. But, today, I have a surprise for them. In these days, Im taking potassium a magnesium supplements, which gave my urinate a distinct color and taste; it wont be an effortless task for them to drink. I pack the container with my urinate and then I fill their glasses; you can see the bright yellow color. I order them to start drinking. The taste is really awful, and just taking the first sip, makes them want to puke. But I dont care. Its not acceptable that a slave refuses a product of his Mistress!! They both must empty their glasses, up to the last drop and, then, say thanks to their Mistress!!