Strapped Down Sharted On 2

Chaste and locked tightly in his black little box, his last abjection was for his release was so pleasing I thought why not have a round two?! It had been another LONG two weeks of being taunted and tormented, ordering him to shove his face up my butt whenever I had to chores around the house while I lay around in my various underwear he had purchased me. Taunting him with my booty day in and day out while he packed that little little cell to its capacity. I could see the box bouncing through his cut-offs with each heartbeat as it throbbed, begging to be released. He did anything I asked for hopes of being released. So when the two weeks was up, I ordered my little bitch to lay on the bed and without telling a single word he dad as asked. Limb by limb I secured the straps and pulled them as tightly as they could go. He remained quiet until he spotted me turn on the Xbox Oh my from practice he was WELL aware of how extreme and long hed be getting throttled without any breath while his nose is pressed tightly against my little ass hole. I have a knack for leaving behind hes under there while Im playing movie games, that and honestly my killstreaks are much more significant than his need to fucking breathe. He doesnt need air. Only my arse air. Sitting astride his face I packaged my feet underneath his head, pulling his face straight into my crack and wiggled my anus against his nose. I had been holding one in for the last a hot blast of a fart shot straight into his nostrils. It was so hot going out it had to have burnt a few nose hairs. Oh my god that stinks haha I laugh and taunt him over and over as I release hot fart after hot fart, strangling him inbetween for up to a minute at a time so he has no choice but to suck in every ounce of fart that comes out of my booty until taking my undies off. I didnt have to smell a single thing. Every bit of it was being filtered by his lungs. He knew if he fought me at all, or even complained that he wouldnt be getting out of his little cell. PFFFFTSSS A 4 2nd long hot one seeped out straight into his nose. It was a ideal seal, it had NOWHERE to go except directly into his nostril. HAHAHA!! Oh god that must be terrible. I didnt even realize it until afterward while editing this indignity movie that I had actually slipped out a small little gift, and he sucked so hard from being out of air that it was drawn right into his nose. I wondered why he sounded extremely disgusted after that long He got alot more than just a fart. Oh well, he sucked it in like a good little boy. OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! - I positioned my butthole right in the center of his open lips and let my weight rest back onto his face while playing some more call of duty. I could hear the first one echo inside of his open MMHHHHM! he moaned into my ass with each foul blast that ravaged his I feel a big one coming.. his cheeks literally almost burst as I filled them to capacity with hot and from what I could quite a bit more of something else. Ooops. I kept playing though and filled his mouth a few more times before straddling his chest, facing him with some black latex gloves. I think he thought I didnt notice Are you going to swallow that or am I shoving it up your nose?!.. He moaned and shook his SPIT IT OUT.. I held my hand next to his mouth and took what was inside. Yep, it was more than a fart. Piece by piece I mercilessly crammed every ounce of it into one nostril, leaving his other one open and ready for more. He gagged a little from having to swallow the bit that drained into his throat. Should have just swallowed it!! I shoved his nose right back into my ass and lined my butthole right over his only nostril that wasnt clogged and pumped it full of ass air while I continued to play his xbox, laughing Eiat the torture he must be going through. His moans and grunts of discomfort only served to please me as it vibrated against my ass and pussy, I was so turned grinding my dirty ass right over his nose felt amazing. I love him being my little toilet fart bitch. He took his punishment like a good little boy and I unlocked him from his cage and sealed his face right back where it belongs. Inside my ass. Pumping my last bit of gas mercilessly into his disgusting face. Back and forth between his nose and mouth until he finally just to lock his cock up tightly back into its prison for another two weeks, until his face meets my ass .