Pooping In The Bath

I walk into the bathroom and unwrap off my brief, taut blue dress and begin climbing into the bath. I breathe with pleasure at the feeling of the warm water covering my skin. I just lie back for a minute, liking the feeling before I commence washing my body with shower gel, moaning a little as I rub the shower gel into my sensitive tits. Then I giggle and apologise because a little bit of pee just came out. I hope you dont mind! I actually kind of need a shit but I think I can hold it. I carry on washing myself before eventually telling you that I cant hold it anymore, I hope you dont mind but im going to do it in the bath. I pick the camera up and bring it in close to my ass and start pushing. Two small logs come out and float up to the surface of the bath. I follow them with the camera, giggling and pushing them around with my fingers until I realise I should probably clean this up!