Constipation Poop And Temperature

I am totally naked and I tell you how long its been since I last used the toilet almost a week! and what I last ate. Then I ask if you want to see my crap slot and I arch over to display it off. I fart in your face and giggle. Then I ask if you want to see what my last meal looks like coming out, because I gotta take a crap. I groundhog a little then a nice big feces comes out. Then I wink my asshole and I cough, making it flex and tighten. I wonder out loud if maybe im getting a cold, and I decide to take my temperature to check. I stick the thermometer in my ass and squeeze it a little, then I take it out and show you the dirty tip and tell you the reading. Then I wipe, before winking my asshole at you again. Then I take two fingers from each hand, stretch my asshole wide with them and push hard so you can see my insides. This is a gross clip full of horrible language rectum, doo-doo hole etc, I made it as a custom video. Buy at your peril!