Someone Knocks The Door While I Shit

I walk into the room wearing my sexy but not whorish schoolgirl garment and black glasses. I tell you I have a very special surprise for you. Its a treat that I know youre certainly going to love. I lift my skirt up, display off my booty and tell you thats where your treat is coming from. Then I display you the plate im going to serve it to you on and tell you that maybe youll eat it clean later. I slide my undies down, squat down with the plate underneath my ass its quite a close-up viewing angle for the actual shit and start shitting. I push out a really nice, soft, big pile on to the plate and then someone knocks on my front door this was totally real and unplanned! You can hear the knocking at exactly 02:30. When I come back from answering the door in my schoolgirl outfit obviously I edit out me answering the door! my inner butt cheeks are coated with shit because I had to get up and walk to the front door before id wiped my ass, so as I walked, the shit smeared all over my inner cheeks. I show off my extremely dirty ass, then I pick up the plate and serve it to you, telling you I knew youd love my surprise. I know youre going to enjoy it.