Big Sensual Poop

This is a front-facing, voluptuous, EFRO style clip and includes a duo of enormously long almost foot long soft logs. I commence off in a sexy brief dress and underwear, telling you how badly I need to use the toilet. Then I take the dress off, showcasing you my sexy figure in matching satin underwear. I take my hooter-sling off, showing off my big natural DDDs and bouncing them for you. Then I bend over, slide my thong down and spread my ass cheeks, showing you my tight little hole which is about to be stretched out by my big log. I climb onto the toilet in a squatting position and get ready to push it out. I push out a very long, thick log and it makes a big splash as it hits the water. I moan with pleasure and relief as it leaves my body. A few more smaller logs come out after this, splashing me with toilet water too. I also pee in between logs. Then I wipe, showing you the toilet paper with my skid marks on it and show you whats in the toilet bowl, full of last nights dinner! Ten minutes later I am back and a few very small chunks come out as I squat over the bowl again. There is a similar short 10 second clip of a thick log coming out of me no audio at the end of this video as a little bonus extra!