Bosssecretary Poop And Eating Instructions

This is a voluptuous crap on a chair including bosssecretary roleplay and eating instructions. I am typing at my desk, wearing my sexy secretary clothing and glasses. You my boss come to my desk and ask me for some notes for a meeting. I take off my glasses and palm them to you, which is when I notice that you dont look well. So I ask whats wrong, and you tell me you havent eaten all day. I am sympathetic, and I tell you I know exactly the thing to make you better. Kneel down in front of me. I pull up my skirt as you look up at me, and I tell you I had a big lunch and im going to feed you. I tell you how awkward my work garments are and how badly I want to take my clothes off. I eliminate my T-shirt and hooter-sling, now just wearing my hiked up skirt so you can see my pussy and asshole. I lift up my legs and start pushing, telling you to get ready for your first meal of the day. I slowly push out a big log, followed by a small one, while telling you to eat my poop. Chew it up and swallow it, you need some good food in you. I tell you just how to eat it and I talk dirty for the rest of the video.