The Piss In The Funnel

Mistress Giorgias fantasy does not truly have any thresholds. The slave is blindfolded and as always does not know what to expect from the getting down on all fours to smooch the feet of the Mistress while she is joy to put the high-heeled slippers in her back, the slave cries out of pain but she is sadistic, careless of the slaves pain it makes him belly up belly and... she flips a funnel in the mouth! The slave realizes that the Mistress decided to piss them in the mouth through the funnel. There is nothing left for him to open his mouth. The Mistress orders him not to drink and fill the funnel of Piss. For the slave it is difficult to tap the funnel and the piss begins to leak out of his mouth. The Mistress begins filling it with spit and is then completely pierced by the Mistresss heels. The slave continues to cry out of pain... full of piss as a real latrine!