Time To Feed The Toilet

My toilet is violated in and I need to take a dump again. But he tells me he is a believer, and he believe hook-up is a sin, but having a constant boner next to me is not? Well for sure if no one else penalize him, I will! I commence smacking his face, and making smell my armpits. I have him lay down on the floor, and I poop in his toilet mouth! But he indeed misses a lot, and Tina Blade is visiting me, so she brings a spoon to feed him. But I have more for him, and I position me above him to take another dump. Now hes got more than a mouthful. I call my other slave over to clean my ass with his tongue, which should be a privilege. Before I piss in the toilet again, making sure my logs stay moist. I am not satisfied before I have spoon fed him every piece of shit! So from now on, his only religion should be me and my shit!