Mistress Anna – Solid Shit And Piss

My fresh summer videoDo you recognize the setting and the positions were taken? Of course, you do! My daily routine is your hookup life after all. What is simply taking a feces for me, is everything you need as far as pleasure goes. I have my slave, ready to take everything, and Im not gonna lie- this one is nasty. I get him excited, just enough, so that he is ready to do exactly as I say. And it is now a casual thing for him, to be a human toilet. Ive cracked him, trained him and developed in him a sense of duty to be nothing to me, but a slave, and a human toilet. Everything you can trace back to me is holy to a slave. My voice, my penalties, my and my Poop! In this clip, I demonstrate a lot of me. Not only do I predominate my slave flawlessly, but you can observe my ideal assets at work. My butt, grace, slit, and feet- all the things that make you weak and inferior compared to me. The slave gets some slaps and some tease from me. using one of my favorite toys, and just when he starts to enjoy himself f too much, and even attempts to lick my divine pussy, its time for me to use him, for the only thing he is good for- being my toilet. I push the shit hard and even piss on the slaves face because my shit is too dry and I have to do extra work. Even lubricating with his tongue isnt enough this time, but this is not a problem that concerns me. All the nasty stuff is something that a slave should be concerned about, so farts, gagging on shit, and piss all over, are simply things going in the toilet for me. Drool as much as you want, and admit to yourself, you arent even good enough to be my toilet.