Reading And Releasing – A Compilation

This Compilation is one that was requested by regular customer. Love over 30 minutes of superb activity from some of our most popular FUNKY ladies!! Who doesnt love a good book and a good dump at the same time?!! Well these ladies do as well! Love as these ladies kill two birds with one stone as they read texts, magazines, books and newspapers. Love in the very first scene as Lil Stink reads one of her beloved magazines while grunting and tightening her way through a mean dump. Then Francesca Gabriella has a nice gassy dump while fighting to read and release at the same time!! Ms D is back with a classic clip as she was contemplating her March Madness Bracket while letting out some crackling logs and farts! Great grunts, plops, and straining from Ms D! Then Enjoy a nice long gassy, plop loaded dump from from favorite stud, Lia Boo!! Lia Boo shat like no other skinny minny!! She was extra gassy in this nearly 9 minute clip, it was action packed throughout! Next is Big Butt Cori!! Enjoy a nice rearview shot as she reads and then expunges a nice load. In the finale, enjoy a gassy megadump from the original FUNKY lady, Margarita!! She grunts out a massive load while reading and texting from her phone. This is great collection of clips for you mild toilet lovers. Poop is only shown in two of the scenes, but you will still be more than entertained by the sounds coming out these ladies asses!!! Some of my favorite clips from each one and all at one low price!! Over 35 minutes of great action from 6 different ladies at less than 1 per minute!!