Shitty Farts In White Spandex View

RP STORY- So the fresh next door neighbors have this son that loves to spy on me through the window while Im outside swimming. Ive noticed him on numerous occasions just staring at my just providing me this cocky smile when he clearly knows I caught him. Hes like obsessed with my not to mention my mom is the type that loves to suspend laundry out to dry instead of using a dryer like every other normal person she thinks shes some type of conservative and every single time she drapes out my Numerous pairs of my undies come up missing!!! This fucking pervert is stealing my fucking undies! But I cant prove anything so he just keeps stealing all of my I needed some kind of way to make him pay for these And the flawless thing happened the other the mailman accidentally delivered a large package to my door that was meant for his house next Of course I had to open and what the fuck is some weird bench with a box at the top of almost like a toilet oh this good. Its some type of fetish Wait until I tell everyone about his fucking pathetic weird toilet Maybe then hell leave my undies alone and stop stalking my butt everytime I step Wait a how about I just put him through the absolute hell he so despairingly turn this butt he seems to love so much from a fantasy to his worst lets fuck his world up. I inspect the bench a little closer and find out its alot more devious than it seems, I even found a spandex mask with only a crevice for the nose at the bottom of the not only is it a bench with a built in toilet box for a persons this thing has adjustable clips to hold the head entirely in and an inflatable cushion?! To thrust the head even further into the arse of whoever is sitting some pervert mastermind that built this thing is about to give this stud alot more than I think he was bargaining but it doesnt stop there are straps around the bottom of the bench to secure the figure from moving and even handcuffs to hold the ankles in place!! I could literally do whatever I want on his pathetic face and he wouldnt have any say or I might actually keep this even thinking about how much control I would absolute free using someones face as a or maybe even more is beginning to make me Oh god Im actually Hes So a duo days later I find the ideal chance, my parents are gone for the weekend, and perv bitch is outside mowing the grass staring as usual as I pull into the driveway after my daily I seductively get out of my car, arching my back and jiggling my hips while he stares, and just as Im about to go inwards, I look over and maneuverability for him to Like a horny little puppy he goes after me right inwards. So, I received your little package the other day.. uhh he yeah so you have a little facesitting fetish right?.. he nods, incapable to speak haha very likely out of embarrassment! Well I know its you thats been stealing my undies, and it SOOOOO turns me on knowing youve been sniffing my undies, Ive just been DYING to stuff that adorable face of yours right in my vulva, I havent been eaten in oh my god its making me raw eventually talking to you about it. So how about we actually put this little bench of yours on a test run... I wait for an reaction while he stands there looking confused like an Dont act like you dont know what Im talking Umm, I never ordered any bench, did the package say Ben on it?... Yeah youre Ben arent you?!... No, Ben is my dads Im Cory, and Im actually still a cherry... Well guess what Cory, youre going to lay in this fucking bench, youre going to be my bitch and your face is going to be my seat for the night. I indeed invited you over here to humiliate and torment you for all of my expensive pairs of undies youve been stealing, got it creep?! Youre going to be all the way up this arse youve been staring at, maybe youll learn some respect while your in there. Otherwise Ill be sure to let EVERYONE know about this bench and say it was yours, and about your little panty fetish? Got it? Fine.. Good boy!! Go after me.. I lead him in all of his misery to this now seemingly torturous bench his dad had ordered and strapped his assets in tightly. Right before I shit the lid on his head I ordered him to lift What the fuck is that?!.. Shutup bitch, one more word and this is going to get alot worse for Quickly covering his head with the thick black latex mask and zipping it tightly around his face leaving only his I push his head into the box and shut the now Oh yeah!! Extra I screw the clamps to hold his head in place as tight as they would go and began lowering my sweaty little ass right down onto his but it wouldnt quite go in as far as I wanted it I want him to the handy little pillow has a foot pump! 2-3 pumps later and his nose is as far inside my ass as it could possibly get. I lean up and let him sniff it Oh hes still a hes never experienced the smell of a girls ass MMMFMFMM.. Haha good, he doesnt like it. Whats that? You want a better smell?!.. I tried to push out what I thought was going to be a since I ALWAYS have terrible gas after the gym and my protein shake but this was MUCH I accidentally shaat My pants are now Ughh these were my favorite MMMHHMMHMHFDIUFMMHM!!!!!!!!!!!!.. OH thats right! Youre still down there, sorry! I guess I have a bit of diarrhea going on right now PFFRTTSS Another wet squirt of a fart slipped out and my entire crack is now turning heavily Diarrhea and gas haha, poor boy, but you love this ass so Im sure you love whats in it!! All those mmms your letting out sound like your in heaven... I get out the controller and start playing my favorite game while I keep his ass held tight between my filthy spandex barely letting him breathe through the wet I hope he can hold his Im only letting him breathe my lucky for him theres plenty of it after these protein shakes!! Mmm his struggles are rubbing against my pussy and Im starting to get turned on as I grind his nose up and down the crack of my I want to feel it ALLLLLL the way so Im taking these ruined pants his nose slides right back in crack like a PFRTRAPPP Another wet blast shot only this time with no protection. MMMFHFISDAFHIHHHMMMM!!!!!!.. HAHA that one must have went straight up his Thats right all the way inside. Deal with it. Remember that next time you plan on stealing my panties. Everytime you even SEE my ass I want you to remember this. Got it?! MMMHMHMM!!! PFFFRRTT Ahh, good boy. Tell your dad I said thanks for the Now Lick Me CLEAN - Contains VERY wet farts 50, Ass sniffing, Ass smothering, SpandexNude farts into nose Mouth. Very hot, very filthy clip. This is my current PERSONAL best.