Lia Boo’s Beautiful Struggle Pt 1

Fans of my Original Site Recall Lia Boo. Lia Boo was one of my very very first FUNKY ladies. For you fans of Lil Stink, this is the woman that introduced me to her!! Lia Boo was butch, but she was very lady like when she came out her clothes!! She has a figure and beautiful chocolate skin to match even however she didnt demonstrate it much, lol.But the sounds coming out this woman were anything but lady like!! This Skinny thing had some of the most explosive sounding farts of All the ladies she easily can hang with Ms D, Ebony Jewel and Ayanna when it comes to great farts and sharts!! And for you lovers of Grunts, Plops, and Straining, she is the ORIGINAL GPS queen!! For those who are unfamiliar enjoy a nearly 25 minute collection of clips that were banned from my other site, but perfect for Scatshop!! Four classics all in one!