Waiting For A Chocolate Treat From Anna

Mistress Anna truly liked using the toilet slave. So she determined to share her impressions with her college friend. A friend asked Anna to make a movie in which she abases a slave and poops in his mouth. Mistress Anna suffered for a long time. She didnt use the toilet and had a hearty dinner. Today came the day of shooting the movie, and Mistress Anna invited me for serving her as a toilet cup. She took me to a room where I had to lie on the floor and wait for her. Finally, she came. I admired Mistress Annas beautiful figure and ass as she took off her pants and panties. After that, I enjoyed the sight of a beautiful anus which had been opening and closing, trying to pass through it a hard chocolate sausage. Anna was constipated and struggled for a very long time. Finally, the goal was achieved. 2 bitter chocolates fell into my mouth and I swallowed them with pleasure. It turned out a little, but it was enough for me to get to know the taste of what Mistress Anna ate for breakfast. It turned out to be a great video for a friendgirl.