Goddess Andreea And Friend Piss And Shit Feeding

Again Goddess Andreea was in a excellent mood with her assistant. They call their pathetic full toilets and humiliate them in different aspects. Very first, Goddess Andreea has a fetish with food feeding and she just buys something to is eating on camera and at the end, when remain only a lump of meat, she offers that to her toilet, as a supliment of her daily kaviar. She orders them to clean their footwear, high heels and she uses them as furniture or as a toilet recipients. She pissings in a jar at the end and shittings in a box, after she finished the steak. A kinky and bizarre movie, with many fetishes inside.....Recorder also with 2 camera, from 2 angles, and also recorded with mobile camera, by her slave or by Goddess Andreea.