Mistress Gaia – A Mummy As A Toilet

I call this slave the Mummy. He doesnt speak, you never hear anything from him, you are nor even aware of his presence. How can such a slave be useful to his Mistress? There is only a way I can use it: as a shoe-sole licker and as a toilet. You put him on the floor, with his mouth open and, when you need him, you can be sure you find him there, ready to be used. And this is the role is playing today, laying still under the chair, waiting. Today, in addition to cleaning the feet of my footwear, he will serve me as a urinal. He will get my urinate, while I am conveniently seated on the chair, through a funnel; if my urine stream wont be flawlessly straight, he will be flooded with pee, but who cares? After all, he is only a toilet!!!