Kylie The South Hole Elf A Merry Dairy Xxxmas

Hey Boys! Tis The Season! I just finished watching this movie and I was absolutely deepthroated away by it! So while its fresh on my mind Im gonna give you all the steamy details This one features a fresh chick named Kylie, who is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Soooo Santa produces Mr Cheeks his own private South Slot Elf bounty packaged, with big nips that are lactating, and splattering milk everywhere, along with a big fat butt that is just full of delicious treats! He has been on his best behavior this year faithfully eating the scat of big butted beautiful sexy cocksluts, and it did not go unnoticed. Mr Cheeks totally indulges himself in Kylie, by drinking down her sweet milk, and sucking her big ample nips. He wasted no time tasting her big booty and quickly getting erotic. They had a crazy amount of chemistry together which you could literally feel across the movie! I absolutely love when that happens because you just know how much both of them are actually loving it together and how totally real the pleasure for both of them is! From what I understand this was Kylies very first ever scat related practice. It was also relayed to me that it was the most intense sexually gratifying encounter that she ever had and that she will undoubtedly be back for more This bodes very well for you all! LOL So the film culminates with a very spontaneous and unorthodox scat scene where Kylie actually ends up pushing while on her back on the table filling Mr Cheeks mouth to the hilt with her delicious treatsThis I am told was not planned! However I love how it happened and I loved the way she delivered and pushed her scat on her back into his mouth almost as if she was giving birth into his mouth LOL Except this was a food baby It was super erotic and really had me soaked to be honest, especially when the camera angle switched and you could see her face as she talked dirty to him and pushed as he ate! What I loved about this scene was after she went into his mouth she continued to lactate and spray buckets of milk into mouth to help him wash down her dirty treats! That was sooooooooooo HOT! He finished the movie up by devouring her entire load while she sucked on him and begged for his cum so she could swallow it all! He gave her a rather heavy and robust load which true to her word, she gobbled up and swallowed. She did not miss a drop. Must see movie! 5 Stars. My new favorite without a doubt .