My Sweet Slave

Dear Nicoletta, I became sultry about your movies that I bought. You are a formidable performer and I indeed like your art. I apologize if I dont write or if I dont speak very well. Im American. But I have a craze for Italian women. It is not a fetish because I would never want to objectify another person. Would you make me a custom-made movie? I dont know if you do them in general. If so, would you make me a custom-made RACE PLAY theme movie? Im African American and I would like to introduce you to an idea I had for a script. I understand if you dont want to do it or if you cant do it. The movie would last 15 minutes ideally and entirely in Italian. You would call me Andrew my real name. To not waste time, I write it here in English: Youre my wifey. We just got back home after a night out with my friends. You are tired and want to undress. You go straight to the toilet to urinate. You are talking to me as you are on the toilet. Youre mad at me because I embarrassed you in front of my friends. You keep telling You shouldnt have done that. But you never say what it is. You shouldnt have done that. Im your wifey, Andrew. Im Italian. I didnt know things like that with Black people. You proceed complaining, Im Italian. Im white. I know your black friends dont like me. I know most Italians never say things like that Then you say, Do your friends know what I call you at home... my ? Andrew, you are my black slave Come here... my black chocolate do you like my white skin, ? Do you like this Italian ass, Andrew? Thats why you married me, ? My ass smells good at the time but now that I have to poo after a long day, its all smelly and moist, like smell it,. You love being married to me, a beautiful Italian Goddess with a round ass. Come here, so try my shit, Andrew. Afterwards, you make me clean your asshole and pee after your mouth with your mouth.