Double Slave Face Puking And Pooping

On this night, after coming home from a long day at the hospital, this nurse delights herself with her pair of slaves and it is not going to be pleasant for them! The very first thing she does is haul her tongue all over their faces, consequently soaking them with her drool! Tho', shortly after, she starts drooling into their throats, making them swallow her saliva against their will! By the time she gets satisfied with it, she grabs a plastic bag and fills it up with her puke! Eventually, she puts it aside but only to begin vomiting on the faces of her two slaves! Before long, they are completely drenched, but she isnt done with them just yet! She later takes off her lower garments and defecates into their mouths, leaving them chewing and swallowing! The poop that doesnt make it into their mouths are smeared all over their faces along with the vomit that the dominatrix earlier contained inside a plastic bag, and she doesnt stop with it until she gets completely satisfied with her work!