The Arena Of Turd

The arena opens at night, where virginal ladies are brought to their knees and instructed the value of being obedient to their masters. The master embarks disciplining the slave by munching her nips, making her instantaneously hard. Then her tongue commences to wander to her butt cheeks, and then to her butthole. She shivers as he licks her butthole, and her brown-eye embarks moving back and forth, wanting to release. He ravages her pussy with his tongue, before fingering her furiously, causing her back to arch. She eyes his hard-on with salivating lips as she sucks on the masters meat. The master moans in response and motions for her to straddle him so he can pound her from below. He bucks hard inside her, feeling the waves of pleasure cross her pussy walls again and again. He is in ecstasy as he pounds her tiny, frail body relentlessly. The slave accepts everything that the master gives her, and is thankful for the extended attention. She feels an urge to shit, and the master felt his cock being coated with hot, fresh turd. Laying on her side, the master allows her to release wave after wave of fetid brown shit. The soup flows down the side of her thighs and covers the pristine white mattress. The master slides in and continues fucking her, coating her with her own sloppy shit even more. The master turns her around and digs deeper into her pussy, holding her arm tightly this time to get as much depth as he can. He moans powerfully as the slave slips and slides against the covers that are filled with sticky liquid shit.