A Bootyfull Compilation The Best Collection Of Booties Ever Smaller Size

After the sucess of the previous compilations, LKIF is back with a collection of clips featuring a fine mix of my most popular and my individual dearest models models over the past three years!!! I cant believe I am into my third year of collecting clips. I realized folks love to see compilations featuring numerous models in addition to ones of their favorites individually!! This movie is over 40 minutes and features a Bakers Dozen worth of clips from a Bakers Dozen worth of the best booties to ever emerge on this site!!! Love hot clips from rookies Diva Staxxx, Mz Booty, Black Jewel, Ashley Dobbs, Big Butt Cori, and Zelda, as well as from Ms Jenkins, Sparkle, Sugar Hill, Sydnee Capri, Lil Stink, Katherine, and my FUNKIEST Mummy, Geneva!!! An act packed collection of Explosive toilet and F ROW action from a nice mix of what this site has come to represent MILFs, girls next door, college chicks, doctors yes one of the Funky ladies is a PHD!!, porn stars, Models, PAWGS, BBWs, and more!!! These ladies featured have all done stints as my best sellers! This is the ONLY place where you can see all in one!!! Each clip featured is a personal favorite from each FUNKY Lady!!! So come check out some of the best we have to offer at LKIF all in one!!! 40 minutes of ASStonishing, ASStronomical, ASStounding action!!! Much cheaper than buying individual clips from all 13 of these ladies, plus with the bonus you can get even more!! A great way to get familiar with some of the biggest, sexiest, and most popular Funky Ladies of the Past 3 years!! Same clip as the other posted earlier, just compressed and with a different gif to show just how much action involved in this 40 minute video!!